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Class NpmInfoCommand






cwd: undefined | string = Option.String(`--cwd`, {hidden: true})


fields: undefined | string = Option.String(`-f,--fields`, {description: `A comma-separated list of manifest fields that should be displayed`,})


json: boolean = Option.Boolean(`--json`, false, {description: `Format the output as an NDJSON stream`,})


packages: string[] = Option.Rest()

Static paths

paths: string[][] = [[`npm`, `info`],]

Static usage

usage: Usage = Command.Usage({category: `Npm-related commands`,description: `show information about a package`,details: `This command fetches information about a package from the npm registry and prints it in a tree format.The package does not have to be installed locally, but needs to have been published (in particular, local changes will be ignored even for workspaces).Append \`@<range>\` to the package argument to provide information specific to the latest version that satisfies the range or to the corresponding tagged version. If the range is invalid or if there is no version satisfying the range, the command will print a warning and fall back to the latest version.If the \`-f,--fields\` option is set, it's a comma-separated list of fields which will be used to only display part of the package information.By default, this command won't return the \`dist\`, \`readme\`, and \`users\` fields, since they are often very long. To explicitly request those fields, explicitly list them with the \`--fields\` flag or request the output in JSON mode.`,examples: [[`Show all available information about react (except the \`dist\`, \`readme\`, and \`users\` fields)`,`yarn npm info react`,], [`Show all available information about react as valid JSON (including the \`dist\`, \`readme\`, and \`users\` fields)`,`yarn npm info react --json`,], [`Show all available information about react@16.12.0`,`yarn npm info react@16.12.0`,], [`Show all available information about react@next`,`yarn npm info react@next`,], [`Show the description of react`,`yarn npm info react --fields description`,], [`Show all available versions of react`,`yarn npm info react --fields versions`,], [`Show the readme of react`,`yarn npm info react --fields readme`,], [`Show a few fields of react`,`yarn npm info react --fields homepage,repository`,]],})



  • execute(): Promise<0 | 1>

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